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Our focus is the prevention of dental problems and disease, so we measure our success by the amount of treatment we can prevent. We are at our happiest when, at your regular consultation, there is no treatment required, which means our preventive philosophy is working.

How happy are you to pose for a photograph?

As part of National Smile Month, which runs until June 13, the organisers carried out a nationwide poll that found most of us regularly feel self-conscious about the appearance of our teeth. The Oral Health Foundation found that more than half of British adults (51%)...

Protect your mouth AND body

UK dental health charity the Oral Health Foundation has compiled a list of five top tips to help us take steps towards a healthier and happier mouth. Dursley dentist Richard Whitcombe at Castle Gate Dental Practice on Parsonage Street is helping spread the message to...

Do your teeth work properly?

If we had bad toothache, we would book an emergency appointment to see our dentist. But if we have lost a back tooth or have a twinge on one side of our mouth, we can often accommodate this by chewing on the other side or choosing different foods. At Castle Gate...

What’s lurking inside your mouth?

As Hallowe’en is just around the corner, the Dursley dentists at Castle Gate Dental Practice thought they’d enter into the spirit of the season by concentrating on the less pleasant dental problems of bleeding gums, bad breath and gum disease. Gruesome ghastlies These...


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