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The dental care we provide at Castle Gate Dental Practice in Dursley is unhurried, the materials we use are of the best quality, and the treatments we offer are varied and comprehensive. We always strive to keep our prices fair and ensure they represent good value for money.

The team at Castle Gate Dental Practice is dedicated to providing healthy, good looking smiles and we focus on improving the quality, function and appearance of your teeth.

We aim to see our patients at their earliest convenience whenever possible, and open early every day – and very early on Thursdays – in a bid to be less disruptive to busy lives.

Castle Gate Dental Practice

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Our 16-point dental health examination

Castle Gate Dental Practice – Dursley, Gloucestershire

1. Mouth Examination

We look at the whole of your mouth to provide a complete oral health examination individual to you.

2. Medical Consultation

Medical conditions and medication can affect the health of your mouth and for this reason we ask you about these at every visit.

3. Discussion About Oral Health Concerns

We discuss your concerns about your mouth and if you have experienced any changes since your last visit.

4. Existing Dental Work Examination

Any fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or other existing dental work is examined to ensure it is still sound.

5. Plaque Check

We check for plaque, which is a major cause of tooth and gum problems, and can advise how to reduce this in order to keep your mouth healthy.

6. Gum Examination

Your gums are examined to screen for gum disease, gum recessions (which may lead to sensitivity) and any other abnormalities that may be apparent.

7. Bite Assesment

Your bite is assessed as the way your teeth meet can affect jaws, teeth and any other dental work in your mouth.

8. Gum Examination

We look for any signs of wear of your teeth. We can discuss the possible reasons for it, make a plan to prevent further wear and if necessary treat it.

9. Jaw Joint Checks

Your jaw joint is checked to see if movements are normal or if any clicks are present.

10. Mouth Cancer Screening

You will be given a mouth cancer screening to detect any early signs of the disease. If any suspect lesions are found, you will be referred immediately to a consultant.

11. Tongue Cheek and Palate Examination

We look at the inside of your mouth (for example tongue, cheek and palate) as they can be affected by various health conditions and reactions to medications and diseases affecting the immune system.

12. Mouth X-rays

Where appropriate x-rays are taken to enable the early detection of decay and to check for possible root or bone problems.

13. Preventative Treatments for Children

We encourage children to attend the practice from an early age and provide preventive treatments such as fissure sealants and fluoride treatment where appropriate.

14. Alignment Examination

We will examine the alignment of your and your child’s teeth. If teeth cross over, you will be given special brushing instruction and advice about orthodontic treatment because straight teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy.

15. Advice on Cosmetic Treatments and Shade Test

Your smile is important and we can advise on treatments to improve the colour and appearance of your teeth and undertake a shade test.

16. Advice on Treatments Tailored to You

Following this comprehensive examination, advice is given and any appropriate treatment is tailored to your individual needs and wishes.


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