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Head for the mistletoe with complete confidence

Bad breath is the last thing you want when puckering up under the mistletoe

! Make sure your breath is minty fresh with a visit to the dental hygiene team at Castle Gate Dental Practice in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

Our meticulous hygienists are experts at removing every last speck of plaque from every surface of every single one of your teeth, leaving you with a spotlessly clean and fresh mouth.

We make it our business to help people have fresher breath. Bad breath is a common problem and we are used to helping people with this issue, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed.

White and bright

During your hygiene appointment your teeth will also be thoroughly cleaned to help remove and improve the appearance of staining often caused by smoking, red wine, tea, coffee and curries.

Air Flow polishing for extra sparkle

Air Flow polishing uses water, air and a fine, flavoured powder to gently and naturally remove plaque and stubborn stains from your teeth leaving you with a brighter smile. It’s thorough, painless and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Air Flow treatment is particularly beneficial for:

  • Removing stubborn staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco
  • Having before whitening to improve the final result
  • Ensuring your teeth are kept clean and healthy during short term orthodontics
  • Anyone struggling with their oral hygiene as it can help clean those ‘difficult to reach’ areas
  • Special occasions – to help you look and feel your best!

Safe, long lasting and legal

If you would like to go a few shades brighter, we also offer tooth whitening. Whitening is a really popular treatment for giving smiles that extra special something. Our clinical team will ensure that your teeth look natural and that the shade complements your appearance.

Only qualified professionals are allowed to whiten teeth legally in the UK, so don’t be tempted with inferior products from beauticians or cheap kits off the internet as they can cause lasting damage to your tooth enamel. Trust the experts – we know what we are doing and have the qualifications to prove it!

Cosmetic solutions

In our opinion, a healthy, confident smile looks wonderful. But if you have any niggles that you would like us to improve then we have a range of cosmetic procedures on offer from white fillings, crowns and veneers, to composite bonding, teeth straightening and facial aesthetics.

Contact us now to book a FREE cosmetic consultation with Gill, our practice manager, to find out how we can help.

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