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child dressed as a witch for Halloween

“Been more than 12 months since you’ve been seen?
Book an appointment and a hygiene clean!”

As Hallowe’en is just around the corner, the Dursley dentists at Castle Gate Dental Practice thought they’d enter into the spirit of the season by concentrating on the less pleasant dental problems of bleeding gums, bad breath and gum disease.

Gruesome ghastlies

These mouth issues may be gruesome, they may be ghastly, they may be downright unpleasant – but the good news is that with expert dental advice and hygiene care and attention, they are mostly curable.

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes. Persistent bad breath is usually caused by the smelly gases released by the bacteria that coat your teeth and gums. However, strong foods like garlic and onions can add to the problem.

Smoking is also one of the main causes of bad breath, along with certain illnesses such as nasal and stomach conditions.

Nasty smells

Correct and regular brushing is very important to keep your breath smelling fresh as bits of food can get caught between the teeth, and, if not cleaned away properly, can rot and cause an unpleasant smell.

The bacterial plaque on our teeth and gums also causes gum disease and dental decay. If you see your dentist regularly this will not only help prevent bad breath but will also allow them to look for and treat these problems.

Teeth falling out

Screening for gum disease forms an integral part of your examination and since three quarters of all teeth are lost through gum disease, it is easy to see why it’s so important.

Gum disease is caused by plaque, which is an almost invisible film of bacteria that forms on the surface of the teeth and gums every day. Many of the bacteria in plaque are completely harmless, but there are some that have been shown to be the main cause of gum disease. To prevent and treat gum disease, you need to make sure you remove all the plaque from every one of your teeth, every single day by regular brushing and flossing.

Your gums’ upkeep is the remit of our hygienists who will undertake a thorough cleaning of your mouth during your hygiene session.

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