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Numerous surveys have cited your late 30s as the magical time period, when both men and women claim to feel most secure, both in their love lives and their career. Why then, at this same age, are so many people trying to turn back the clock physically? Shouldn’t we also feel secure in our looks? The answer is apparently not.

We are biologically programmed to feel more attractive and attracted to a more youthful appearance, as it represents vitality, energy and good health. It’s important at work too. Forbes reported that company bosses have admitted physical appearance is a key factor in considering who to hire and promote.

Given that our collagen levels begin to drop in our mid 20s, how can we keep ourselves looking as young as we feel? The effects of gravity and making repeated expressions on faces, where skin isn’t as firm as it once was, inevitably take their toll on all of us soon enough, so what can we do? Is there a safe, effective solution to combat the onset of fine lines and wrinkles? There is. Improving your facial aesthetics in Dursley has never been so easy.

Botulinum toxin and facial aesthetics in Dursley

Botulinum toxin stops your facial muscles from contracting, preventing you from creating wrinkles or exacerbating existing ones. Injected painlessly under the skin in a treatment that lasts just 10 minutes, botulinum toxin will make you look years younger, by reducing forehead lines and crows feet. You can expect to see significant results 10-12 days following treatment and your appearance will remain more youthful until the effects of the botulinum toxin wear off. This will be around 3-4 months later, at which point, you may wish to order a top-up.

Our botulinum toxin expert, Catherine Whitcombe, has been administering anti-wrinkle injections for many years and knows exactly how much to inject and precisely where, to receive optimal results. Her skilled and practised, less is more, approach means you’ll still be able to form natural expressions, but whilst appearing several years younger. You will look rested and rejuvenated.

Dermal filler treatment in Dursley

Dermal fillers are perfect for plumping up sunken areas, such as under the eyes, as well as adding volume to thinning skin, or lips, and reducing deep facial creases. The resulting effect from filler treatment is a more even skin tone and consequently a younger looking you. You will notice a difference in yourself immediately after treatment and the effects last for up to 6 months. Again Catherine will provide treatment tailored to you following a 30 minute consultation, during which you’ll get all the information you need and be able to discuss your options.

It’s amazing what a boost to your confidence, knocking a few years off your looks can do. If you’d like to benefit from a treatment provided by an experienced practitioner in facial aesthetics, at our Dursley practice, please get in touch. We’ll be able to book you in for an initial consultation to discuss your treatment with Catherine, at a time that’s convenient for you.

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