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The team at Castle Gate Dental Practice in Dursley is delighted to announce the results of its most recent patient questionnaire*.

Thank you to patients from across Dursley, Cam, Stroud and beyond who completed the questionnaire. We realise that lots of places ask their customers to do them, but we are obliged to by the Care Quality Commission, so please forgive us if you are asked to complete one in the future.

Rest assured that we use this feedback to improve our services. We do take notice of the results – they aren’t just filed away and forgotten about.

The dental team is friendly and competent100%.

I feel welcomed into the practice – 100%

I feel respected as an individual and my views are carefully considered by all the practice team – 99%

My mouth is checked for decay, gum disease and oral diseases such as cancer – 100%

If I need an urgent appointment I am dealt with quickly and efficiently95%

The practice seems up to date with infection prevention and I feel well protected – 95%

* These results were collated from 100 questionnaires completed at the end of August 2016.

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